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Exhibiting our advanced fire technologies at Intersec, Dubai 2023

Ceasefire at Intersec Dubai 2023

We are thrilled to be exhibiting our cutting-edge fire solutions at Intersec Dubai - World's leading fire, security, and safety event and meeting our customers, business partners & friends from the industry at the expo. The trade show is scheduled to take place at the Dubai World Trade Center between 17th-19th January 2023.

Here is a sneak peek at our 360-degree integrated range of fire solutions that we are excited to bring to the international market as the manufacturer of these globally-certified firefighting technologies.

1. Fire Extinguishers

An unrivalled range of portable and wheeled extinguishers in a wide variety of agents such as ABC powder, CO2, Water, Foam, Watermist, Foammist, Clean gases, and special extinguishing agents for Class B fires, Metal Fires and more. These come in sizes ranging from 500 gms to 135 litres capacity including manually operated and highly featureful automatic extinguishers to meet the unique fire risks for various applications and spaces. Ceasefire extinguishers are today certified by top-notch quality agencies in the world including LPCB, BSI Kitemark, MED, and PED and benchmarks for quality and safety in the category.

2. Kitchen Systems

A flagship Ceasefire offering is a range of extinguishers and systems exclusively designed to address the unique risk of kitchen fires. This includes LPCB-certified Commercial Kitchen Systems and BSI-tested Domestic Kitchen Systems in watermist and wet chemical technologies. With their highly advanced detection and fire suppression, our systems are revolutionising the way Class F fires are fought.

3. In-Panel Suppression Systems

At Ceasefire, we’re not only fulfilling the current market demand but also creating solutions that can create a demand for themselves in the future. Our In-panel systems are a classic example of the same. The range includes a state-of-the-art LPCB-certified tube-based in-panel system called CQRS, highly-advanced SQRS, and the world’s smallest suppression module - Mini that comes in a broad range of agents to address the fire risks of a wide variety of applications.

4. Total Flooding Systems

Ceasefire today offers one of the most comprehensive range of Total Flooding Systems under one banner. These highly-advanced systems range from Inert gas and CO2-based systems, Chemical gases based systems including LPCB-certified Clean agent Fluoroketone (FK) and HFC227ea systems, and Watermist-based systems designed for a wide range of spaces like generators, transformers, offices, and factories.

5. Alarms & Detection

Ceasefire offers a gamut of alarms and detectors including conventional, addressable, wireless, and stand-alone systems to safeguard all kinds of premises. These highly-advanced detection solutions are designed to take the safety quotient of any premises many notches higher.

What’s New!

Here is an exclusive range of extinguishers and systems that you should not miss on our Stand at Intersec Dubai.

  • Lithium-ion battery fire extinguisher

  • Automatic Fire extinguishers

  • In-Panel Systems

  • Kitchen Systems

  • Extinguisher Stand & Trolleys

We look forward to meeting you at Intersec Dubai, 2023 and showcasing our latest fire technologies with you at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Come and visit us at Stand No. 4H21.

We are looking to appoint trade partners in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the world over. Join our growing network and you will have access to our complete range, as well as unrivalled training and support.

Pre-book a meeting with us by clicking the button below. See you there.


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